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She Moves You

Emilio Crixell & Border Soul
Emilio Crixell & Border Soul


She Moves You

Music & Lyrics by Emilio Crixell


Verse 1

She sways to the music

Moving gently in time

Like a soft breeze blowing

Through a still southern night

And she moves you


Verse 2

And she plays to your senses

When she just passes by

And you just want to touch her

Such a beautiful sight

And her scent it calls to you

And her lips when she talks

And you just want to taste her

It’s your heart to unlock



And you could hold her forever

You could love her all of your life

And you would leave her never

Never make her cry


And she moves you

And you can’t get her out of your mind

And she moves you

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Emilio Crixell & Border Soul

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