Emilio Crixell & Border Soul

Welcome to the vibrant world of Emilio Crixell & Border Soul, a Latin rock sensation infused with latin soul, blues, rock and the soulful rhythms of border grooves. Hailing from the culturally rich landscapes of Brownsville, Texas, on the Texas/Mexico border, this dynamic ensemble features the talents of Emilio Crixell on guitar & vocals;  Clemencia Zapata on drums & vocals;  Luis Garcia on keyboards & vocals ; Mario Gonzalez on bass and Joe Pino on congas. Dive into the unique sound of Emilio Crixell & Border Soul, where every note tells a story of heritage, passion, and the unifying power of music. 

Recording and performing artists, Emilio Crixell & Border Soul play original music as well as their own renditions of previously released material by other artists. Playing their own material and adding their own styles to these songs is what makes their performances special and sets them aside from the rest. EC Border Soul are a professional band that are experienced in playing night clubs, concerts, festivals as well as private and corporate events. Please see below for contact info.

                                                                                                                            Emilio Crixell

                                                                                                             Clemencia Zapata & Joe Pino

                                                                                                                Emilio Crixell & Luis Garcia

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